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Smart Fitness offer a range of fitness services from One to One Personal Training Sessions to Sports Specific Training for Sports Teams as well as a range of fitness classes to suit all levels of fitness.


           **NEW CLASS STARTING SOON** TAKING BOOKINGS NOW – Starting Wednesday 31st January 2018


This is an energetic new class starting shortly @ Huish Park Yeovil on Wednesday Evenings.  This will kick start all your fitness plans for the New Year!!!!  Using focus pads and gloves you will be put through your paces through boxing moves designed to burn calories and giving you a full body workout as cardio exercises are also combined.   If you have never tried it don’t be put off as our instructor can cater for all fitness levels.

Booking is essential so please contact Smart Fitness Yeovil via facebook or email Amber at abfitness@hotmail.co.uk – Please do not contact Yeovil Town Football Club.


Fitness Training Montacute House

Smart Fitness has been running since 2011 in the South West, prior to this our main instructor has lead group training sessions and personal training for a number of groups and organisations based in the North East including Gym Rehabilitation.


Outdoor Circuit Training Yeovil Town Ladies FC

Smart Fitness offer a range of classes including outdoor training. Outdoor Training includes outdoor circuits and bootcamps. These classes are designed to push your fitness levels but at the same time having fun in reaching your fitness goals. Circuits includes working with small pieces of fitness equipment eg bands, bars, mats, steps, light weights, skipping ropes, cones ect.

This session like the bootcamp sessions also includes body weight exercises. The sessions comprise of a warm-up, timed circuit stations, cooldown and stretching. All taught by an instructor who will guide you through the exercises so you use the correct technique and gain the benefit of the exercise correctly.


Yeovil Town Ladies – Plank (Core Stability Session)

This session is ideal for everyone and all levels of fitness. We use our core in everyday activities and this session is excellent in helping with injury prevention. This session concentrates on strengthening core muscles using different exercises to strengthen muscles and increase stability. This is a slow paced class but works the body hard as you need to be able to hold correct exercises to increase and benefit posture. This class benefits not just sports participants but also those new to exercise.


Boxercise Montacute House

Boxercise is an excellent form of exercise particularly if you are looking for something slightly different. This is a class where pads and boxing gloves are used to increase, strength, stamina, cardio fitness and co-ordination. The class combines a range of different punching combinations along with cardio exercise and is a fun way to workout. Smart Fitness offer this both on a one to one personal training basis or as a group training class.


Personal Training Sessions

Smart Fitness offer value for money personal training sessions, taught by an instructor with a number of years experience in the fitness industry your session will meet your specific needs. An initial assessment will be carried out and your aims and goals discussed to help organise a personal training plan just for you.

You will then be lead through an exercise session with a qualified instructor who will make sure you are getting all the benefits from your training session and it suits your interests. These sessions can be held indoors, outdoors, in the local park or down the beach or in the gym the choice is yours. You will be guided through the different exercises and training techniques and we will make sure that you understand what you are doing correctly.


Buggy Fitness Class Montacute House

These sessions have been running at Montacute House since 2011 and they are a brilliant way to get back into exercise if you have just had a baby. You will need to have had your 6 weeks check and given the OK from your midwife first. This session allows you to workout with your baby in their buggy/pram as the exercises are designed using small items of equipment and also your buggy/pram. This is a gentle introduction back into exercise to suit post-natal ladies who are looking to get back into exercise on a regular basis.

Exercises are taught by qualified instructor who has studied pre/postnatal qualifications and the session is designed specifically to benefit people getting back into fitness after having a baby. This is also an ideal fitness session for getting out the house and socialising with other new mums.


Group Training with Yeovil Town Ladies FC

Smart Fitness offer a range of group training sessions.  Group training can be sports specific eg designed for sports teams, or if you and a group of friends would prefer a cheaper option of training rather than one to one personal training we offer a small group training session where the instructor will design the session to suit your needs and interests.

Smart Fitness in the past have lead various fitness session for various sports groups including football teams, rugby teams, school sessions, university sports teams, cricket teams, young mums groups, youth groups and senior fitness sessions.


Sports Specific Training Yeovil Town Ladies FC

Even if you are just looking for a one off session for an event or training needs why not get in touch we can offer a range of specifically designed fitness sessions.  Book a free consultation with us and we can see what we can do.